On the Pathway to 100% Clean Energy

A Project for Maine Businesses, by Maine Businesses.

Maine's hard-working business owners are rising to the challenge to achieve targets set in state law to reduce our own fossil fuel emissions by 45% by 2030, achieve carbon neutrality by 2045, and reach an 80% reduction by 2050.

"On The Pathway To 100% Clean Energy" is Maine's business community setting aside politics to take effective action together. The private-sector, nonprofit, and nonpartisan project is initiated by Maine business owners, managed by a volunteer project manager, overseen by a Steering Committee, and guided by an independent Advisory Board.

Advisory Board and Project Manager

ADVISORY BOARD: Jim Wellehan, CEO Lamey-Wellehan
ADVISORY BOARD: Sue Inches, Author, "Advocating For The Environment"
ADVISORY BOARD: Jeff Marks, Maine Director and Senior Policy Director of Acadia Center
ADVISORY BOARD: Joe Walsh, Founder and President, Green Clean Maine
ADVISORY BOARD: Joel Alder, Employee-Owner, ReVision Energy
VOLUNTEER PROJECT MANAGER: Fred Horch. In addition to his leadership of the "On The Pathway To 100% Clean Energy" campaign, Fred is also Co-Owner of Spark Applied Efficiency
A Journey Together

Funding for the project comes from people who believe that we can bring together hundreds of owners of Maine's small and mid-sized businesses for the common good. By intelligently employing the capabilities of the private sector, we can quickly and cost-effectively build a carbon-neutral economy with successful and sustainable companies and farms leading the way.

Our generous sponsors and supporters know that every company and farm can operate successfully with 100% clean energy, if the owners make a clear commitment and work a plan. The aim is to inspire every business owner in Maine to commit to and then achieve a bold goal that is necessary, significant, and widely respected.

We encourage every Maine citizen to participate in this practical, high-impact project by encouraging business owners in their community to get on the pathway. A simple online registration, submitted by the business owner, is all it takes to get started.

Register and Begin

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