Achieve 100% Clean Energy

Stop burning fossil fuel and start benefiting from clean energy. Our project provides resources to help you understand your emissions and then eliminate them.

Learn best practices to optimize, electrify and "renewablize" your company or farm in our do-it-yourself, "how to" guidebooks.

Efficiency Maine

Efficiency Maine is a quasi-state agency that manages a trust fund with annual expenditures of approximately $50 million for programs to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Maine. The trust serves the residential, commercial and industry sectors and all regions of the state.

Virtual Efficiency Consultations

Businesses can request a free Virtual Customer Consultation with the Efficiency Maine program team to discuss lighting, heating, and cooling; to learn about financial incentives, and to understand the process for obtaining rebates from the quasi-public trust fund. Consultations are not energy audits.

These virtual meetings will be held via Microsoft Teams, Google Meets, or Streem web meeting platforms.

There are three ways to request a virtual consultation:

  1. Submit a request form through the Efficiency Maine website here.
  2. Call the Efficiency Maine Call Center at 866-376-2463.
  3. Email the program team at

Pathway Achievement Network

Work with knowledgeable consultants, lenders and contractors who share your values and are with you on the pathway to 100% clean energy. This network a free matchmaking service to help you find the right partners to achieve your milestones.


Get help evaluating your operations, calculating your emissions from fossil fuel, and developing your plan to end your emissions


Secure financing to implement your plans.


Get help to design, build, install, upgrade and maintain your buildings, equipment and vehicles to operate well without burning fossil fuel.

Can't find what you need? Drop us a line we will try our best to put you directly in touch with a qualified service provider or refer you to another network.

Join the Network

Are you with a consulting practice, lending institution, or contracting firm that would like to get on the pathway to 100% clean energy and join our achievement network to be listed above?

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