Congratulations to ClimateWork Maine

Congratulations to ClimateWork Maine for launching what promises to be an extremely important, new, nonprofit membership organization for Maine's business community. We look forward to establishing a productive collaboration between our "On the Pathway to 100% Clean Energy" initiative and ClimateWork Maine to build a sustainable energy future for all Mainers.

When we launched the "On The Pathway To 100% Clean Energy" project as a no-fee project and not as a membership organization, we anticipated working with many existing organizations that could make use of the free marketing and operational resources we provide. Our goal is to get small and medium-sized companies and farms in Maine on the pathway to 100% clean energy to help our state achieve a carbon-neutral economy by 2045. Now with ClimateWork Maine, we're delighted to have another organization that can help accomplish this goal.

In full disclosure, I am pleased to be an advisor to ClimateWork Maine as well as being the volunteer project manager of the “On The Pathway to 100% Clean Energy” project. Two other people are also contributing strategic guidance to both the On The Pathway project and ClimateWork Maine—Sue Inches and Jeff Marks. We each are involved in both endeavors because we believe they are complementary and necessary.

"On The Pathway To 100% Clean Energy" promotes a simple, three-step process for business owners to make the transition over time to 100% clean energy in ways that benefit their own company and community. We provide free resources designed to help small businesses and farms in Maine thrive and grow as they reduce their emissions from fossil fuel—on their way to powering their operations with 100% clean energy.

ClimateWork Maine will connect businesses of all sizes, and in all corners of Maine, that want to take action on climate and prepare themselves for the future. We are so glad that Alan Caron, and his tremendously talented colleagues and advisory board have undertaken this vital work.

Since business owners will be hearing about both the "On The Pathway To 100% Clean Energy" project and ClimateWork Maine, and there is some overlap among the leadership of the two efforts, we wanted to provide this clear explanation of some differences:

"On The Pathway To 100% Clean Energy" Project

  • No cost to participate
  • A project, not an organization
  • Tight focus on clean energy
  • Target audience: small and medium-sized businesses and farms
  • No political agenda (not a "climate change" advocacy organization)
  • Metrics for success: scope 1 and 2 emissions from fossil fuel

ClimateWork Maine Organization

  • Annual membership fee to join
  • An organization that will undertake many projects
  • Broad coverage of all aspects of climate change
  • Target audience: any business concerned about climate change
  • Specific appeal (clear focus on "climate change" as a motivator)
  • Metrics for success: to be determined

An important lesson we understand after discussing the Pathway project with many business owners and farmers is that the transition to clean energy must make business sense. Measures to reduce emissions from fossil fuel must be affordable AND profitable in the long run. Helping business owners plan their transition to clean energy while maintaining sound business decision-making is key to achieving Maine's clean energy goals.

Maine business owners can now benefit from the free operational improvement strategies and promotional benefits provided by the "On The Pathway To 100% Clean Energy" project, as well as a new coalition-building and knowledge-enhancing membership organization in ClimateWork Maine.

Thanks to these two complementary initiatives, we have a better chance to build a carbon neutral economy by 2045 and create a sustainable energy future for every Mainer.